Aroma Therapy & Light Therapy

Spa Massage
What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promo our physical and psychology well-being for thousand of years. It can stimulate your emotional and physiological reactions in order to create healing effect and pleasure sensory experience.

What is Light Therapy?

Light Therapy (also called phototherapy), is a treatment in which your body exposed to an light source that is can help to reduce sleeping disorder, muscle tension and enhance psychological well-being.  

What are the services?

Headache Reliever $25 (15mins)

  • Instant Reduces Pain

  • Relax Your Mind

  • Improve Your Sleeping Quality

Body Meditation $95 (70 mins)

  • Full Body Relaxation Experience

  • Reducing Stress, Pain and Muscle Tension

  • Bring Balance to Your Body and Mind

  • Boost Your Immunity

Add On 

Body Scrub Treatment - add on $35 (25 mins)

  • Prevent Wrinkles

  • Decrease Your Cellulite

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Slow Physical Sign of Aging

Weight Lost and Detox Adventure - add on $55 (20 mins)

  • Boost Lymphatic Drainage System

  • Reduce Toxic and Fat in Your Body

  • Speed up Your Metabolism

  • Causing the Lipids to Disperse

Spa Massage
Body Spa
Spa Massage

Body Revival - add on $65 (30 mins)

  • Muscle Healing

  • Intrared 

  • Reduce Chronic Pain and Body Ache

  • Release Stress and Tension

  • Customized Your Needs

Your Whole New Body Package $325 (180 mins)

  • Included all the treatment above

  • Plus Lip Mask

  • Plus Japanese and Korean Mixed Facial

Body Rejuvenation Mask - add on $95 (45 mins)

  • Prevent Wrinkles

  • Reduce Pigmentation

  • Healing Your Skin

  • Boost Antioxidant and Vitamin C

Spa Massage

What do you expect for the therapy?

Undress – you will be given the privacy in a room to remove your clothing. It is completely up to you. Often, people wear loose short pants, underwear, or completely undress. You would require to slip under the top sheet or towel on the massage table. Take your time. During the session, your therapist will always ensure you are properly covered by towels or/sheets throughout your session. Please beware that oil may get into your clothes if you leave them on. 

Communication – it is essential for you to talk to the therapy if you feeling uncomfortable in anyway.

Fall Asleep – Don’t worry! Snooze to the moon! This the time for your body to relax and recover

You will want to come back – your endorphins will be released after receive an effective aromatherapy massage. The endorphins will further help your body to heal, and will accumulate all the benefits with every time you received the therapy. The more often you come to us, the better you feel, the faster your body responds, and the quicker you feel relief.