Jagua Tattoo

Jagua Tattoo
Jagua Tattoo

What is Jagua Tattoo?

"Jagua Tattoo" is the latest form of natural temporary tattoo, which is created using the juice or extract of the Genipa Americana. It designs to create with Jagua appear blue/black in colour on the skin, and resemble a real tattoo which natural henna tattoos are reddish brown in colour

How long does it last?

The colour lasts around 3 weeks. It depends on your skin type and how your look after it.

What is the process?

  1. Apply Jagua Gel to your skin

  2. Remain still until the gel is completely dry (30 to 60 mins)

  3. Wash Jagua Gel off with warm water

  4. The Jagua stain develops over the next 24-48 hours

What is the risk?

It is relatively safe to use compare to Black Henna with PPD. Rarely, an allergic reaction to Jagua will appear as a dense rash of hard red bumps. Unlike Black Henna, it does not create a lasting scar. However, people should consult to their GP before having it done.

Why Jagua?

  1. No pain 😵😵😵

  2. You can always change the style 👙👙👙

  3. Express your moment 🍷🍷🍷

  4. Great for an event 💒💒💒

  5. Before you go for tattooing 💪💪💪