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3 Tips To Improve Your Eyelashes - Eyelash tips and tricks

You are only a blink away from having gorgeous lashes

Every woman on the planet wants long, luscious lashes, and we're willing to go to ever-greater lengths to achieve them. For any cosmetic look, lashes are a must-have. Applying lashes, on the other hand, can be the most challenging part of your makeup routine, as any makeup artist will tell you.

No matter how many layers you add to your eyes, sometimes your lashes just need a push from an eyelash lift.

"What’s an eyelash lift?" you might wonder.

A lash lift simply curls your lashes from base to top, allowing you to view their complete length. All lashes have a natural shape that can be achieved with the use of a small curling rod and a lifting solution.

When you add extensions to your lashes which are cosmetic applications then your lashes will enhance the length fully with its curl and thickness too which will eventually make your eyelashes look more natural. Now you can lash out your lashes with a lash lift from us!

Let's get started on the three incredible eyelash tips and tricks:

You may not be flawless but your lashes will be with these tips:

Choosing the best artificial eyelashes is an art form in and of it. On how to choose and apply artificial lashes, makeup experts have authored entire dissertations.

1) For Hooded eyes:

Hooded eyes frequently drag down the centre of the eye. The lash line is pulled down by the skin fold, making your eyes appear droopy. To balance this, place a pair of falsies with long lashes in the centre of the strip. The center's sweeping lines will open your eyes and bring out your natural attractiveness.

2) For Upturned and Downturned eyes:

To highlight up-turned eyes or minimise down-turned ones, choose a lash that is longer and fuller in the outside corner and sparse near the inner corner. To decrease elevated eyes and highlight downturned ones, use a lash that is thickest in the centre.

3) For protruding and deep-set eyes:

If you want to attract attention to your expressing eyes, use a lash that is long and full. Use a lash that is short and thick around the root if you wish to disguise your protective eyes. The blackness of the root will bring your sight back, counteracting any protrusion. To attract focus to deep-set eyes, adopt a similar technique.

Choose a lash that is long, fluttery, and curled if you want to draw your deep-set eyes forward. On deep-set eyes, the fine lines of the lash will seem magnificent.

Some tricks to apply eyelash extension for your magnificent eyes:

1) Mascara:

Mascara is a cosmetic that improves the appearance of the eyelashes by making them more attractive, darker, and thicker when viewed. Mascara should be used both before and after putting false lashes. Apply mascara to the lashes' roots before putting on the falsies. This will help maintain your lash, as well as its curl, in place, making strip lash application easier.

Mascara should be applied in the opposite direction of hair growth. Curl your lashes before using mascara, and when buying mascara, make sure it's not clumpy and has a long, slender applicator that's easier to roll over small places for a beautiful finish.

2) Mix colors:

No matter what your skin tone is, your eyelashes aren't all the same colour from root to tip—there's a clear dark-to-light gradient going on. If you want a natural lash look, a thick application of pure black all over isn't the way to go. Instead, try combining two different mascara colours.

3) Heat your curler:

Rather than using your blow dryer to heat your entire eyelash curler, put just the curling part in a glass of hot water for five seconds and then dry it before curling your lashes. The metal heats up much more evenly as a result of the water, and you won't burn your fingers with your dryer.

Make your lashes do the talking with us!

Looking complete will always help you to be unique and beautiful at any party or some get-together. Also, it will protect your eyes in many ways from other pollutants so following these 3 tips and tricks for eyelashing will surely help you to look good in public.

When done right, eyelashes have an immense impact on your overall makeup.

A great way to start is by stepping up your makeup game with the best eyelash extensions from angeleyesstudio now!

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