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Facial Massage Benefits For your Skin and Health

Have you ever wondered what a facial massage has to offer your skin and your health? Is it really worth spending those extra few minutes in the spa or at a beauty parlor? Well, yes, it is. They say, “ Facial massages are workouts for your skin”. But most people don’t know that facials are a smart way to keep your skin and body in top shape. In this article, you are going to discover the facial massage benefits and the many ways it can improve your health and your skin.

Harmonize and Exfoliate:

One of the first benefits of a facial massage is that it harmonizes your skin and does the job of gentle exfoliation. Exfoliation is an underrated procedure. Letting go of old cells paves way for new and shiny skin. It helps to remove the dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oil on the face. It also helps to open the pores, which allows the skin to breathe and look more youthful. If you have acne-prone skin, exfoliation removes the excess skin that is clogging your pores, making it easier for the bacteria to get home.

Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines:

We all are worried about aging. On the appearance of a single wrinkle, people begin to fret which results in more wrinkles. Facial massage comes here as a savior. Cleansing and exfoliating your face regularly can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. However, a facial massage is like a mini facial. It removes dead skin, exfoliates and removes excess oil, and improves blood flow. This helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and fine lines on your face.

Detox and Brighten:

The key takeaway of a facial massage is that it detoxifies your skin. This can help to reduce redness and blotchiness caused by rosacea and skin blemishes. It can also help to brighten your skin, by opening the pores, stimulating the blood flow, and unclogging the pores. The bright, clear skin is great for a clean make-up look too.

If you want to get even more facial massage benefits, you can add a nourishing serum, eye cream, and/or lip balm during your treatment. This will help to provide extra nourishment for your skin.

Ease Muscle Spasms and Stiffness:

Muscle spasms and stiffness can happen as we age. It might be caused by injury, medication, or surgery. Massage is a great way to help to ease muscle spasms and stiffness. It can improve blood flow and loosen tight muscles. And, it can help to get your muscles ready for activities like brushing your teeth. You can try this at home by massaging your arms and legs.

Increase Collagen:

Collagen is extremely important for maintaining skin tightness and elasticity. Creams and lotions can help to increase your skin’s collagen. However, these products can be messy and time-consuming. A massage does the same thing, but with less effort. It also helps to increase collagen in your skin, which is why it is recommended by dermatologists. You can get this same effect by massaging your face with a collagen-boosting face mask.

Feel More Relaxed:

You might be thinking, “But it is just cleaning my face and exfoliating the skin. How is this relaxing?” Cleansing your face and exfoliating your skin have a calming effect on your face. They remove dead skin and excess oil. These actions can help to keep your pores clean and your face free from bacteria.

Cleansing your face will also make you feel more relaxed. You won’t find yourself worrying about what dirt is hiding under your skin. A massage does all the deep cleaning!.

Help Prevent Breakouts:

There are many reasons why you might get a breakout, but it’s important to remember that they are preventable. Regular exfoliation, toning, and washing prevent breakouts. So is drinking enough water and eating healthy foods. But exfoliating, toning, and washing is another way of achieving it instantly. A simple facial massage holds a lot of miracles inside!


Facial massage is a smart way to reap benefits with very little money. A regular facial massage does wonders and when done properly through professionals no one can stop you from owning a gorgeous face. At Angel Eyes Studio, the masters of facial massage are here to transform you with powerful touch. We have been doing it for years and our hands won’t lie! Come and experience it for yourself!

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