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Eyebrow Tattoo Townsville

There are no two set of eyebrow are the same. Angel Eyes Studio is specialized in eyebrow tattoo customization, from natural eyebrows style to photogenic red-carpet look. Come visit our eyebrow tattoo studio in Townsville. 


For eyebrow tattoo feathering style, your brow will look much fuller with greater volume with hairstroke technique. This creates a youthful look for faded, patchy and thin eyebrows. In this procedure, we will use a very fine disposable needle with customised pigment to etch into the superficial layers of your skin.

For eyebrow tattoo shadowing style, we will create a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup look that saving your time every morning. You will “wake up with make-up” and looking perfect every day. Moreover, it would gradually wear off after around 2 years, thus you are not ‘stuck’ with one trend forever. You will always stay in a hot style while looking realistic and amazing.

Eyeliner Tattoo

Eyeliner tattooing is required highly professional trained cosmetic tattoo artist to perform. The procedure needed to be perfect with precision and creativity. The purpose is to create a vibrant youthful look through defining the contrasts between eye colour and skin tone.


You face is Unique…so be Surprise!

Sometime, you will ask to show us different facial expressions during the procedures, such as happy and surprise. Beautician will analysis your feather again and again until your unique look is created. If you want to start your journey with us, come and have a chart. We are located in Shop 59, Willow Shopping Centre, Townsville.

Eyebrow Tattoo {two treatments}                        $595
Eyebrow Tattoo Corrections                                 $650
Eyeliner Tattoo {Upper or Lower}                      $495
Eyeliner Tattoo {Upper and Lower}                   $695
Lip Tattoo                                                               $795
Lip Line                                                                  $450
Eye shadow Tattoo                                                $450
Beauty Spot                                                            $95
Retouch {1 year}                                                    $150


Mircofeathering Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoo

Mircoshadowing Eyebrow Tattoo


Eyeliners Tattoo

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