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Angel Eyes Studio

Angel Eyes Studio are made up of an exceptional team of Beauty Therapists and Skin Consultants who are trained in both Asian and Australia. Our mission is to combine the best of both and serve people of Townsville.

Angel Eyes Studio is an Australian owned and operated Beauty Salon, in Castletown Shopping Centre, Townsville. We are located inside Willow Shopping Centre Close to Michael Hill and Franck Provost.


We provide you premium beauty service treatment along with professional advice and consultation, backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can put your confident in us.  


Best Beauty Salon in Townsville?

This is the question we asked ourselves all the time. How can we improved and provide the best possible service and result for our clients? Based on our high level of client returns and word of mouth referrals, we believe we are striving closer to the “best” every day.

Meet the Team 

Becky – Founder 

As the owner of the company, Becky’s values run though Angel Eyes Studio extensively: "Connecting people with Gentleness and always be Thoughtful".  

She is a trained Beautician in South Korea and have been in Beauty Industry for more than 9 years. She believes everyone is Unique, and a beautician has the responsibility to Reveal the Beauty within every Individual. 

Also, she is a Laughing Speaker. What? Yes, you can hear her laughter from across the room. She always says "if it isn't fun, why do it!" 

The “no spicy no life!” girl

A Beautician Korean with more than 10 years of experience in both Korea and Overseas. She is a brow specialist and highly skilled makeup artist. She precision technique of brow feathering tattoo is second to none. She loves beauty and striving her knowledge forward. She also love spicy food. She always says “no spicy no life!”  If you smell spicy food while you enter the store, yes, she is eating her super spicy Korean food yet again.

Paris – “caring girl”

Her eyelash extension and body waxing skill always executed beautifully with a professional and soft approach. Paris excels in advanced facial techniques such as V- shaping and lifting. She has such a caring natural and gentleness that you will feel like kitten in her service 😻

Eileen – Secret Dancing Queen

Cutting edge lash specialist like no other, she can transform your lashes with meticulous skill, long to short, to your custom style. Beside her lashes skill, she is also perfectionist in her aroma therapy. “I just like to see people feeling better!” she always says. Did I mention she is a dancing queen? Yes, she always dances secretly while you are not looking (please don’t tell her you read this)!

Wei – Junk Food Monster

Wei is a high trained beautician who works in both local and overseas. Here are two parts to Wei’s brain. The first part is her obsession of facial massage techniques.  The second part is her incredible creativity when come to your lashes design and shape. And the rest of it… Junk Food…

Alan – Cheeky One

Alan has years of experience for facial massage and aroma therapy, most importantly, he is a Cheeky little Asian, who is going to make you smile at every moment. He always makes you feel like you just got wrapped up with a warm relaxing atmosphere. “My favourite thing is making my clients feel comfortable to say ANYTHING, from their crazy party night to a talking cucumber, this is the place of relaxation and connection.” He always says.

Let's Start our Journey together ... 

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