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Body Shaping
let us exercise for you...

What is Body Shaping?

Body shaping is different from weight loss because it is not only focusing on the fat of our body but the health of your body through removing fat and building muscle.

Why do you need body shaping?

There are many reasons:

  • Busy lifestyle

  • Health problems e.g. keen pain, back pain

  • Treating Post Baby Abdomen or other parts of the body

  • A desire for toner body part

  • Building strength

We, at Angel Eye Studio, provide weight loss solutions in Townsville our body shaping procedure is no exercise weight loss procedure. it is called Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation.

What is Emsculpt?
  • Burns fat and builds muscle

  • Body contouring procedure

  • 20,000 sit up in half an hour

Emsculpt is one of the latest technology in the market. it is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to change your body. A single session gives you thousands of powerful muscle contractions like exercising intensively in the gym. According to studies, this procedure provides an average fat loss of 15% and average muscle growth of 16% in the target area. It is more than weight loss, it's about shaping your body and the strength of your muscles.

Who should not have Emsculpt?

Anyone who has metal or electronics in their body, like pacemakers or defibrillators, some birth control options like a Copper IUD, etc placed within their body and/or who has a history of muscle issues should not receive the treatment. Not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Emsculpt- Muscle Lines Revival 
  • 45 mins per a session

  • Maximum 3 session per a week

  • Lymphatic Massage/ Sport Massage 30 mins 

Each Session                                                                      From $50

Free Consultation 

Spa Massage

What do you expect for the therapy?

Communication – it is essential for you to talk to the therapy if you feeling uncomfortable in anyway.

Undress – you will be given the privacy in a room to remove your clothing. It is completely up to you. Often, people wear loose short pants, underwear. Take your time. During the session, your therapist will always ensure you are properly covered by towels or/sheets throughout your session. Please beware that oil may get into your clothes if you leave them on. 

Fall Asleep – Don’t worry! Snooze to the moon! This the time for your body to relax, receive a healthier body

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