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Make Up Service

It's time to make up, treat yourself and express yourself  💋💋💋

Angel Eyes Studio Signature Package $95

Brow Wax + Face Mask + Facial Massage + Makeup + False Lashes

More then just makeup... We provide deluxe service before your important day...

Brow Waxing

Step 1: We will shape and wax your brow. You will have a perfect set of brow even when the make up is cleaned

Facial Mask

Step 2: Let nutrition flow into your skin before your makeup session and decrease dryness effect 

Facial Massage

Step 3: Relax your facial muscle and your soul before your day

Make Up Service

Step 4: Your Transformation Start 

False Lashes

Step 5: To Finalise, We will give you a set of false lashes out of many choices 

Make up service Townsville

Step 6: Take a photo accidentally 😘

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