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Waxing has the key benefit over all other forms of temporary hair removal in that the hair takes a long time to grow back. Although the rate of regrowth varies from person to person, no hair normally grows back for more than a week — a welcome reprieve compared to the ugly fuzz that appears nearly immediately after shaving.


Waxing not only removes hair from the root but also removes the dead skin cells, making it super smooth and velvety. With wax, the risks of adverse effects are negligible. Our aftercare instructions and product recommendations guarantee that your results are hassle-free and ingrown hairs are kept to a minimum. Waxing may be done on any part of the male or female body, including the Brazilian wax.


Get Body waxing in Townsville, our experts at Angel Eyes Studio adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring that each and every customer receives a relaxing waxing experience in our relaxing salon.


You can trust our experts because we adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and all of our treatments and waxing methods are compliant with state health regulations, allowing us to provide not only the best waxing treatments for women's as well as for men’s but also the safest and most enjoyable waxing experience. 

We provide anything from a quick underarm wax to a full leg,  Brazilian wax, or Body waxing Townsville as well as minor facial waxing. Our trained female specialists will put you at ease while ensuring that you get the best results possible by employing only the best techniques.


Mono-patch           $5          
Lip                         $10
Chin                      $15 
Ears                      $15
Neck                     $15
Nose                     $18
Side of Face        $15 
For Her 
Full Arm                 $40
Half Arm                $29
Underarm               $25
Full Leg                  $49 
Half Leg                 $35
Stomach Line         $15
G-String                 $35    
Bikini                      $28  
Brazilian Deluxe  $55
For Him
Full Arm                $50     
Half Arm               $39
Underarm              $29
Full Leg                 $59   
Half Leg                $45
Back                       $38
Chest                      $33
Shoulders              $21     
Stomach                $22    


Start Your Day with Silky Smooth Body...

Brazilian Wax
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